Downstream Due Diligence and Internal Audits

Downstream Due Diligence and Internal Audits

Downstream Due Diligence and Internal Audits

Internal Systems Audit

We can do internal audits for your facility to R2, e-Stewards, RIOS, NAID, ISO 45001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Contact us for a quote.

Domestic and International Audits

Our due diligence compliance reviews for the electronics recycling industry include precious metal smelters, circuit board processors, CRT glass furnaces and processors, ink and toner cartridge recyclers, plastic recyclers, battery smelters, fluorescent tube processors, electronics recyclers and shredding facilities, world wide. Greeneye Partners’ auditors have been in the industry since 1997 and our audits meet the requirements of the EPEAT, R2, and e-Stewards Standards.

We Travel the World for You

Purchasing audits from Greeneye Partners, not only saves money by sharing costs, it also saves you time and reduces your companies environmental footprint. Purchase as few or as many audits as you would like.

Downstream Due Diligence Audit Pricing Schedule (not for Custom Audits)

  • Downstream Vendor Compliance Audits: $2,250 USD plus travel
  • Custom Audits: Contact for Quote

*Audits will be sold with downstream vendor consent only.

Custom Downstream Due Diligence Auditing Programs: Service & Follow Up

All of our audits come with a debriefing call with you to review the downstream organization, the audit findings and to answer any questions you may have. We also provide addendums to our audits, automatically sent out to you, if anything should change at the organization during the year.

Customized Services

Need a customized audit? No problem. We offer customized auditing services designed to fit your organization’s needs.

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