e-Stewards V4.0 Internal Auditor Course

e-Stewards V4.0 Internal Auditor Course

Course Overview

This course is for the newest version of of the e-Stewards Standard, V4.0. The new standard has been streamlined, reorganized, ISO14001 text has been removed although certification to it remains a requirement. It includes updated terminology, stronger requirements around producer responsibility laws, and updated import and export requirements to meet the Basel amendments. This Internal Auditor Course is created by BAN in partnership with Greeneye Partners to provide participants with the knowledge to understand the e-Stewards V4.0 requirements to effectively conduct an internal audit.

This Course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • Terms
  • E-Stewards requirements
  • Basel Convention
  • Auditor techniques
  • Reporting
  • Training
  • Standards & Guidelines
  • Final Exam

Course Prerequisites

Concurrently must have ISO14001 Internal Auditor Training, download the e-Steward standard.

Who Should Attend?

All who wish to conduct e-Steward internal audits.

Course Duration

The course should take approximately 5 hours to complete. Course participants can complete the course at their own pace. The course allows participants to stop their progress at any time and pick up right where they left off.

Course Expiration

Learners will have 30 days to complete this course from the day they are enrolled in the course.

Course Fee

*Please note: After you create a login and purchase the course we will then add you to the course once payment is verified. If you run into any difficulties you can email our Tech Assistant at katherine@greeneyepartners.com
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